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Remedial Massage

People often think or talk of massage as a luxury or indulgence not realising massage is integral to optimal health.

To wake pain free - not stiff or sore in the mornings - to be without regular headaches or muscle or joint pain  - is a state we should all strive for. This is achievable and can be helped and maintained by a good remedial massage therapist.

Helen Cook

Chrissy Ryan incorporate Remedial Therapies into their treatment plans for many health ailments that involve pain, anxiety and stress, lymphatic and fluid imbalance, scar tissue and poor circulation.

Chrissy Ryan has been massaging for more than 20 years and has great success treating various chronic pain conditions from head to toe. She often incorporates deep tissue massage, trigger point and acupressure work with resistance stretches and  exercise therapy.

Chrissy has a large referral base from various Balmain and local Osteopaths, Chiropractors, GPs and physiotherapists; who recommend her services as a support using various treatments. Chrissy regularly treats pregnant women- especially with pregnancy massage.

Chrissy is a member of ATMS. Contact Chrissy on 0407 183 275. Health Rebates Available.